2018 Skincare Regimen

HELLO! And, Happy 2018! I have been wanting to share this post for awhile now, but I am so glad I waited because I just came across a few gems I am absolutely in love with! I'll breakdown and explain each product I use and why .. Note: I am a diva when it comes to skincare, so you do not have to be as "extra" as me. 


My Daily Skincare Routine:

This product right here is an absolute game-changer. It's an exfoliating clay-based mask that will give you the most radiant complexion ever! I am obsessed with it. I had an Aveda esthetician tell me I should use this no more than twice a week and once it dries to remove it with oil and scrub it on your face for a deeper exfoliation before rinsing. My skin is so radiant after I use this and it feels sooo soft and plump. I don't know what magic this has in it, but I LOVE it. 


Now, this product is great - as well. If I use the skin refiner this is the oil I use to remove and scrub it in with. If I'm not exfoliating, I use that teeny little brush to dry brush. This is a new "ritual" Aveda has out right now - to take 10-15 mins in the morning for yourself. So, you dry brush your skin to lightly exfoliate and then massage in the oil and let it sit. When I was reading reviews on this many people said they let the oils sit on for a few minutes while they did yoga, or drink hot tea, or do your daily devotional.. whatever you choose! I usually wash these oils off because I use other oils throughout my routine that I keep on all day! 


THIS. This cleanser is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE cleanser I have ever used, ever! I am not kidding. I found this in Sephora on a whim one day and bought a travel sized trial pack. OH MY GOSH! I love this so much. It's so cleansing, but also soon hydrating and doesn't make me feel like I've over cleansed any natural oils away. AMAZING! I am not kidding, I love this cleanser. It's suuuuper reasonably priced as well. Jumping on that Korean beauty trend with this one. Plus, a little bit of this foams perfectly so you just feel so fresh afterward. 


Okay, I am a HUGE believer in everyone needs Vitamin C. This is my 2nd container of the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day serum. I love it, its pretty pricey but I also feel like you get a lot of product in this container though. Vitamin C helps even out skin tone and texture. I do love this serum, however I literally used my last drop this morning before photographing this - so I am going to try out the Dr. Dennis Gross version of his vitamin c serum ... which leads me to my next product. 


Dr. Dennis Gross Eye Creams! Okay, I am 100% being dramatic when I use both of these.. but... I recently listened to a podcast where Dr. Dennis Gross spoke on his background in the industry and how he created his own products and his why. I loved every second of it. I immediately went out and bought his peel pads - which I also use, but I will include that in another post (Night Routine). I also bought the C+Collagen Brighten and Firm eye serum (Orange) but it is somewhat drying - Vitamin C usually is - and days after I purchased this he released the Hyaluronic Marine Dew It All eye serum. Soooo, it was Christmas time and I was really all about the "Treat Yo'self" slogan.. aka I justified everything I wanted. But, I just used a drop of each and mix together to be super dramatic and I have to say, I love both equally. It's the first eye cream I have ever used that I truly feel makes a difference. The C+Collagen Brighten and Firm helps strengthen your skin and rebuild that collagan, as well as brighten and the Hyaluronic Marine Dew It All also does the same BUT is truly, truly hydrating. * I also bring this product down on my laugh lines as well.. you can never be too careful. 

SHOP HERE - C+Collagen Brighten and Firm

SHOP HERE - Hyaluronic Marine Dew it all

This is something new I just started incorporating in. I love oils, so much. I've also heard so many great benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil. It's great for moisturizing, brightening, fading pigmentation or any scars and treating wrinkles. I can't tell you if this product has made a huge difference, but what I can tell you is it's so moisturizing and hydrating but also soaks into your skin so nicely. I found this on amazon and it's only $12. So, I thought - why not? I have an oil addiction as well, and this is my go-to lately. 


Another Aveda product that I swear by. I love this cream. I use it every morning before applying makeup and it's wonderful. It's so lightweight but so hydrating and I love the way Aveda products smell - not all - but all the earthy smells are my favorite. It is perfect over my rosehip seed oil and I love how glowy they make my skin look all day long, without being oily. 

This is my skin without any makeup - but when I had lash extentions, which I miss so badly! I will be getting those put back on. Also, I don't know why my neck looks so red in this picture, but disregard that. I love my skincare routine right now and I feel like I finally have products that each one makes a difference and make me feel beautiful all day long. I'm huge on I would rather go without makeup and have beautiful skin than covering it up. I actually rarely wear makeup anymore because I don't have much time in the mornings and I love being 100% naturally me... just a bit glowy. I did a poll on instagram @claudianicole_hair and 52% beat out 48% for this post to go up - sooo, I'll be doing my hair care regimen next since the poll was so close. Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful 2018!